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Repairs, Maintenance & Improvements

Below is a list of all the expenses, repairs, & maintenance items the Welch family personally pays for in order to keep the cabin open for use. You will also see a list of all the improvement projects we are considering for the future to make the cabin even more enjoyable! 

Want to help by donating supplies or improvement items? Have an idea for future improvements? We'd love to hear your input! Email with your ideas.



$2,400   Utilities

$1,700    Property tax

$900      Phone

$480      Wi-fi

$360      Security

$360      HOA Fees

$850      Pest & Bee Service

$2,000   Clearing/Landscape Maintenance

$----      HVAC Service Plan

$----      Maintenance/Repair Budget


$9,050  Total Annually




[ UPDATED Nov 27, 2022 ]



Upstairs toilet FIXED

  • Water keeps running 

Washing machine doesn’t work reliably, probably not fixable 


Fix air hockey table 

Basement foundation wall

  • Need quote to repair damaged areas and/or install new moisture barrier 

Fix the telescope or throw away 


Replace damaged security camera

Hot tub

  • Does not work. Need to fix or pitch

  • Needs new cover, fills up with rainwater 


  • Bad spots, rotted wood

  • Needs new paint 

Knoll stairway

  • Bad spots, rotted wood

  • Needs new paint

Fix flagstone pavers at entry

  • Need to be less of a hazard, more stable, etc. ​

Replace flood lights

On upper deck - light bulb pole is in laundry room.

Have tools or supplies to help with these repair items?





[ UPDATED Jan 1, 2023 ]



Set out holiday decorations COMPLETE

Pack up holiday decorations COMPLETE

(After Jan 1st, 2023)

Replace fridge water filter COMPLETE


De-bug all the lights

Expired food

Throw away all expired food in pantry and basement.


Upstairs linen closet.


Bedroom closets 

Designate space for bed linens for that particular room.


Set out holiday decorations COMPLETE

Pack up holiday decorations 

(After Jan 1st, 2023)

Hornet traps COMPLETE but needs regular refilling 

Set hornet traps for wasp infestation at chimney outside (springtime).

Install new address sign at road

Backyard slope COMPLETE

  • Overgrown, needs clearing and de-weeding 

De-weed driveway COMPLETE

Trim tree tops for view COMPLETE


Clear out all spider webs on porch 


  • Clean up fire pit area and pathway, de-weed, etc. 


Replace broken driveway lights.

Have tools or supplies to help with these maintenance items?




[ UPDATED 10/17/22 ]



  • New, better house phones 

  • More games or things to do 



  • Side pathways to backyard 

    • Landscape fabric

    • Steps

    • Gravel or mulch 

  • New grill 



  • New large capacity washer dryer 

  • Replace TV in living room 

  • TV for basement

  • Driveway gates w/ keypad opener.

  • Fence along the front of the property/knoll connecting to a driveway gate.

  • Knoll beautification 

    • Low maintenance erosion control plants on knoll slope 

    • Retaining wall

    • Other possible solutions… 

  • New pool table 

  • Screen in lower deck 



  • ATVs

  • Finish basement

  • Build guest house cottage




Have an idea for an improvement? Email

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