Oak Resin Stump Table - NEW!!

Wanted to share my newest piece. It was so much fun creating this delightful table. My son brought me a large log, and we cut a nice size piece to create a simple but amazing table. I cleaned off most of the bark, but left the diagional cut on the top. I had collected from the mountain a nice piece of fungus and already had dried it in the sun and garage.

Oak Stump Table

The darn thing was so heavy we had to move it on a trolley to my work center.I then worked through the processes, of cleaning and taping the top in preparation for the resign. Since you have to use a special resin if you are building layers like this, it takes time. Only 1 " at a time can be applied, then it must wait 12 hours to dry. You sand any imperfections out and do it again. Below is how I wrapped the top in order to achieve the effect I wanted. I also left the top cut diagonally, I then leveled it to give a smooth top to use. This took time, but I keep about 3 projects going at the same time so I always have something to work on. Lastly I added a small glass to the top, not pictured to allow more space utilization. Hope you enjoyed this view into my shop and work. Keep tuned as I do my first Lazy Susan...and WOW it turned out amazing. Will be making more for my new store I am setting up.

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